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Jewish Quarter Jerusalem

jewish quarter jerusalem

A meeting place to share, discuss and study Judaism, Israel and the Tanach (Bible) 

The SHORASHIM shop has become a meeting place for individuals and groups to share, discuss and study Judaism, Israel and the Tanach (Bible). We receive groups from all walks of life, from every faith community, and from those who declare they have no faith.

Our intention: to build bridges.

And, you can’t build a bridge if you don’t know where the other side of the river lies.


Shop. Engage. Learn

Shorashim Shop

Shorashim strives to be much more than a gift shop. We offer a wide range of gifts and art pieces, all inspired by the timeless verses of the Tanach (the Bible). 

Shorashim Live

Shorashim Live on Facebook and Youtube. Join us for a lively and open conversation around current events and how it relates to Israel’s Biblical destiny.

Shorashim Torah

Commentaries and explorations on the weekly Torah portion that aim to inspire you, challenge, you, and encourage you in your Biblical journey.