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Biblical jewelry from Shorashim of the Old City

Jewelry Inspired by the Bible

The adornments we wear ideally reflect greater meaning and purpose than simply to adorn ourselves. All our jewelry has meaning and expresses a message that speaks to our Neshama (our souls) and to its connection to Hashem in the heavens. Each piece has been designed with that purpose in mind.

Biblical art from Shorashim of the Old City

Art Inspired by the Bible

Our homes and every part of our living space must in some way reflect inner meaning and elevated purpose. So at Shorashim we have commissioned artists to produce art that reflects that purpose. Whether using the very text as brushstrokes for the Art Piece or having the Biblical text provide inspiration

Books and Maps from Shorashim of the Old City

Books and Maps

Knowledge is the key that opens up doors and reveals hidden pathways. At Shorashim we have gathered and ever growing array of books , maps and educational posters to help achieve that purpose. You will grow in your understanding of Israel, the Jewish people, the Tanach, and your connection with history and destiny.

Biblical jewelry Shorashim of the Old City
Biblical Books and Maps Shorashim of the Old City

Special Purchases

There are times an item is in our shop but not on our website. If you are interested in such an item, please contact us and let us know which product you would like to purchase.

Then go to SPECIAL ORDERS and adjust the quantity amount so that it matches the product price.

We hope this will help those of you who remeber an item from our shop in Jerusalem but don’t know how to purchase it.