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The Shorashim Shop and Learning Center has been a place of dialog, teaching and understanding for over 35 years. We hope these live broadcasts and growing library of archives will enable those who could not at this time visit Jerusalem continue to study, grow, and understand. Knowledge is the key that opens doors and reveals hidden pathways.  We at Shorashim hope Hashem helps us achieve this purpose via our new live streaming events.

Moshe and Dov

Learning and dialogue

Our location in the midst of the Old City of Jerusalem has also enabled us to become a place of learning and dialogue. The Shorashim Learning Center has developed into a center where individuals and groups can discuss, debate, and discover the beauty and depth ensconced within G-d’s words in Torah. We believe that our learning venues will grow, with HaShem’s help, in response to the growing need and desire to unearth the treasures of Tanach.

Our web site presents both aspects by recreating the atmosphere and warmth of our shop in the Old City of Jerusalem. It has been created for those who have not been able to visit us in the Old City yet and as a warm reunion for those who have.