Art and Judaism

The greatest artist in Jewish tradition was Betzalel the craftsman who built the artifacts of the Tabernacle in the desert.The intricate detail and breathtaking beauty were all tools in Mans attempt to bless and glorify the Divine. Jewish art is just that. A human attempt to bask in the beauty that surrounds us as a statement for gratitude for the blessings for G-d. That is the meaning of Betzalel’s in the shadow of G-d.We have tried to present art that has acheived just that.

Textual Art of the  Bible – MicroCalligraphy

The art form whose brushstrokes are the very words of the Bible

The preoccupation with G-d’s word goes back to the point of its utterance. It is no wonder that mankind focuses so intensely on G-d’s word in study and prayer. It is also not surprising that there is so much concentration on the letters of the Word- their hidden meanings, numerical symbolisms, and even the shape of each letter- in order to glean deeper understanding.

Therefore, when the art of micrography was developed over 700 years ago by the scholars of Spain, it seemed the perfect expression. What greater art form and what more eloquent medium could one choose, than the Word of G-d itself?

After the Jews suffered through the persecution of the Inquistion, they were banished from Spain in 1492 AD. Many of the exiled reached the Galilee and brought their most valuable possessions with them – their literature, their faith and the art of Micrography.

The Art of Blessing

There is nothing more uplifting than a blessing, nothing more lyrical than prayer. Our artists have attempted to present these scriptural blessings in a clothing of artistic vision and glorious color.We have gathered the works of artists who have attempted to meld their artistic vision with the power of the prayers.

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