A threefold cord is not quickly broken Ecclesiastes 4:12

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" A threefold cord is not quickly broken" Ecclesiastes 4:12

Our Sages describe that each chord on the side of the three chords have a tendency to turn outwards, to be drawn elsewhere.

The third middle cord is the straight and consistent chord . It is the one that holds the others from swaying form their purpose.

In our own lives our heartsand our physical reality can be two chords pointing at times in different directions. The soul represents the middle chord which bind the other two both in strength and direction.

Relationships are made up of husband and wife , each with their own vision and passion, G-d is the middle chord that binds and strengthens

A child is brought into this world by their mother and father. Each parent with a differing temperament and direction. The chord in the middle is the third and most powerful aspect of the child’s birth, G-d.

Jerusalem jeweler Boaz Ben chaim brought us this piece made up of silver and goldfill which represents the

threefold cord is not quickly broken

sterling silver and high quality gold plated

price $59

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