G-d’s Blessing (The Priestly Blessing)

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G-d’s Blessing (The Priestly Blessing)

The BIRKAT HAKOHANIM or the Priestly benediction is one of the most powerful of Divine blessings. It is one of the only blessings wherein G-d declares that when these words are declared He will bless the recipients. “So they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them.””( Numbers 6:27)

In the Biblical text the Kohanim or Priests are enjoined to be Hashem's voice as He blesses the people

On this simple Sterling Silver piece are carved the words

“Hashem(The Eternal ) bless you and protect you”( .(Numbers 6:24)

STERLING SILVER PENDANT Size 0.4 inches wide 1.4 inches length

Price $45 including silver chain and shipping

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