PRAYER psalm 91 "Art To Print"

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PRAYER- psalm 91

CyberNet version

Benyamin Baruch

Because of the times we are in we asked Jerusalem artist Benyamin Baruch to create a Micro calligraphy print that we could send electronically as "ART TO PRINTnt"considering the lockdown and following slowdown. Microcalligraphy is the art of using Biblical text to “paint” an image with the Hebrew letters becoming the brushstrokes.

Psalm 91 which expresses our desire and faith that Hashem is our ultimate covering and protection. Using the full text of Psalm 91 Benyamin created two versions of the same text. THE “MORNING PRAYER” version and the “DREAM” version

When you receive the document electronically by EMAIL , you can then decide how and when to print it out.

We heartily suggest using High level art paper

Thanking you in advance for thinking of or actually purchasing one our new series of “ART TO PRINTt"”

In this unusual time it is a great support.

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