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Humanitarian aid to the PA is embezzled for personal gain

tune, acquired during his tenure as president of the Palestinian Authority nearly 12 years ago. As President Trump is about to make monumental decisions concerning the continuity of aid to the Palestinian Authority, all eyes should be trained on one overriding issue: Graft. One need look no further than the Abbas family fortune, acquired during … Read more

Palestinian voters display the “culture of peace”

Arab election last week provided a powerful illustration of what Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas meant when he said at the White House “We are raising our youth, our children, our grandchildren on a culture of peace.” The election was held at Bir Zeit University, which has 10,000 students making it the third-largest university … Read more

Sarsour’s Anti-Semitism Campaign Minimizes Anti-Semitism

Israel is cast as evil, when only Israel is held accountable in a conflict, and when Israel’s fundamental right to exist as a Jewish homeland is questioned, criticism crosses into anti-Semitic territory. Through her actions and statements about Israel and Jews, celebrity Islamist activist Linda Sarsour fails the “3D test.” In a recent Newsweek article, … Read more

The UN’s fabricated Arab narrative has convinced academia

per“The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem 1917-1988” deliberately misrepresented the actual wording of General Assembly Resolution 181. The United Nations publication “The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem 1917-1988” (“Study”) has deliberately misrepresented the actual wording of General Assembly Resolution 181 passed on 29 November 1947 – deceiving many academics who have … Read more

Why Are Jews a Small Nation?

by Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein Given its tiny numbers, according to the normal laws of history, the Jewish people should have disappeared through persecution or assimilation. It is remarkable how Israel plays such a central and important role in world affairs. Given its tiny land area and population, Israel should be nothing more than a … Read more

Are Israeli raids on Syrian targets legal?

Prof. Louis René Beres, Facing an increasingly dangerous Hezbollah, Jerusalem correctly understands that even a failed state has legal obligations not to assist in terrorist assaults against Israel. Syria, a country in the midst of chaos, has launched multiple aggressions against neighboring Israel. In recent years, most of these assaults have assumed the form of … Read more