“Leaders” with an Abuse Syndrome

Moshe Kempinski

Recently 400 Left-wing 400 American Jewish rabbis, cantors and rabbinical and cantorial students published a letter protesting last month’s decision by the Netanyahu government to expand building in the E1 zone between Jerusalem and Maaleh Adumim.

The letter declared that this move “would be the final blow to a peaceful solution. If Israel builds in E1, it will cut East Jerusalem off from its West Bank surroundings and effectively bifurcate the West Bank. In doing so, E1 will literally represent an obstacle to a two-state solution.”

One wonders if these same people would not consider the murder of innocent civilians and the rain of missiles and rockets as “a final blow to a peaceful solution”

One wonders if these same people would not consider the recent hate filled speech by Khaled Mashaal at Hamas’ 25th anniversary celebrations in Gaza Citydeclaring that the Islamist movement would never recognize Israel ,as “a final blow to a peaceful solution” Or what would they think of his statement “Resistance is the right way to recover our rights, as well as all forms of struggle – political, diplomatic, legal and popular, but all are senseless without resistance.( read violence)”

In addition would the words of Moussa Abu Masook, the man most likely to take over from Meshaal ”There is no future for a Jewish state.” Be considered by these people “a final blow to a peaceful solution”.

Would the fact that Abu Mazen has never declared his acceptance of a “two state for two people solution” but rather only a “two state solution” wherein one state being Palestinian and the other becoming one, be a cause of concern for these people.

Regrettably that will never be the case.

Throughout Jewish history the embattled people of Israel have developed conditions and neuroses very similar to victims of abuse. At times, they have begun to blame themselves for the hatred that they have experienced hurled against them. At other times, they have begun to assume that if they would adopt more universal ideals and become more connected to the greater whole they would cease to be persecuted. As a result of such a desire they have eschewed uniqueness and national identity for the safe anonymity of “sameness”. These Reform and secular Jewish leaders will declare ideas and beliefs that will endear them to their politically correct environment, but will deny the unique character and survival needs of their own people.

In our days, these abuse syndrome victims will demand full rights for all Arabs living inside Israel, while denying them for Jews living in areas of Biblical and historic import. They exhibit great concern for Arab pain and suffering, while barely offering lip service for Jewish pain. They will advocate Israeli territorial concessions, regardless of the security dangers such withdrawals have produced in the past. They will argue that any serious criticism of the preaching and teaching of hatred towards the Jews of Israel and the world in Arab schools and mosques is somehow disloyal to American interests. For them, support for Israel’s security needs is viewed as tantamount to a betrayal of American concerns. (When in fact the opposite is the case)

One wonders if these 400 self proclaimed leaders are speaking out of concern for the destiny and security of the Jewish people, or are they suffering from the pain and wounds of exile? Are they concerned for the constituency that they claim to represent, or are they more interested in being accepted by the rulers of our time?

Either way, they can quickly become a very dangerous pawn in the war against the people of Israel.

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