The Redemption of Unity

Moshe Kempinski

Three children are kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists and the fractious and contentious people of the state of Israel become united in moments. The incredibly faithful and sensitive families of these boys have been heroic in their ordeal and in their incredible need to strengthen the rest of the people of Israel in in spite of their own pain.

We have seen the people of this land and many others across the world, coming together in prayer, concern and solidarity. Mass prayer meetings of thousands have gathered at the Western wall, in Tel Aviv and in many other locations across this land.

Throughout the land you will find people with a little piece of paper in their pockets,in their purses or in their wallet. On this paper you will find three names; Yaacov Naftali ben Rachel Devora, Gilad Michael ben Batgalim and Eyal ben Iris Tshura.

That little piece of paper is their connection in prayer and spirit to these boys, their families and to the collective soul of the entire nation.

The Midrash Tanchuma, (Nitzavim,) declares: “Israel will not be redeemed until they will all form one group.” The Admor of Lubavitch teaches that when the book of Ruth reaches completion with the words “”Yishai gave birth to David” we are to learn a deep truth. He writes that the name Yishai ( Jesse) is made up of the same three letters (Yud Shin and Yud) thata re the first letters of the phrase Yachad Shivtei Yisrarel ( “all the tribes of Israel together”Deuteronomy 33:5). That is to say the prerequisite of beginning the process of redemption involves a strengthening of the love between the segments of this people.
Redemption requires unity.
In the torah portion of Chukat we read of the mysterious laws of the Red Heifer. The Parah Adumah, or the Red Heifer, was used for ritual purification after encounter with death. Its ashes mixed with pure living waters become a tool for spiritual cleansing. The whole process is clouded in mystery, but one of the most mysterious aspects of this ceremony was the fact that the priest involved with the ashes and the process of the purification, becomes impure due to the process.

The priests in the time of the temple were very intent on retaining their state of ritual purity. It was what they lived for. Much would be done and much would be sacrificed in their personal and national lives to retain that elevated state.

Yet for the sake of a fellow Jew they voluntarily relinquish that state. Loving another requires the readiness to sacrifice even part of one’s self and dreams for the other.

During this difficult and painful period , our young soldiers have put themselves at great risk as they comb alleyway after alleyway in the terrorist infested “Casbah”s. They have sacrificed sleep and comfort for three young Jewish boys whom most have never met. Across the country people are organizing prayer groups and mitzva projects with the hope that they could shake the foundations of the heavens, yearning for a miracle.

After a period of great discord and animosity the people of Israel are gathering together in a true demonstration of unselfish love, of Ahavat Chinam.

May that be the prelude for great and miraculous events on high. May the families and the rest of the people of Israel merit to see and experience a sweet and tender homecoming of those three boys. May the people of Israel also experience the release and homecoming of Jonathan Pollard .

May this process occur in the same hurried pace as it did on the staff of Aaron the High Priest who above all else was a Rodef Shalom
May the buds of loving-kindness continue to flower into the flowers of unity which will in turn quickly become the fruits of Geula- Redemption.

LeRefuat Yehudit Bat Golda Yocheved

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