A fractured world unites against Israel

Giulio Meotti, ,
Israel gets the dubious credit for uniting much of the world on the one thing they agree on: maligning Israel.

The world is fractured along ethnic, religious, economic and political lines. Western Europe and Putin’s Russia are fighting each other in a war of propaganda. The Islamic world is imploding along the Sunni and Shia lines. Latin America is divided between pro-Western countries and leftist populist Venezuela’s style regimes. Europe itself is fractured between liberalism and populism.

But the world is united behind a single issue: attacking the State of Israel.

At the UN Security Council, the world united and decided to demonize Israel and the Jews, those thieves, by approving a resolution that considers “illegal” the Jewish presence in the lands liberated in the 1967. The United States for the first time in forty years decided not to protect Israel with its veto. It meant abandoning the Jews to their fate.

The European countries, these graveyards of the Jewish people during the Holocaust, abstained together in another recent Unesco resolution that erased 4,000 years of Jewish history of Jerusalem.

Not long ago, 70 countries agreed and met in Paris to create an international court blaming Israel for the situation in the Middle East.

For many years, the Western democracies have seen Israel as the expression of the highest values of Western culture. Now it is as if the much of the West has decided to get rid of Israel, as if it needs to distance itself from the Jewish State. For thirst of energy, for cynical political calculation, for demagoguery, the West has accepted actions that serve to push Israel to the margins of the international consortium.

70 years ago, Adolf Hitler conquered Europe and sent his henchmen to arrest the Jews, deport them to the concentration camps and burn them in the crematoria. Hitler didn’t met any resistance in his path: the French willingly cooperated to kill the Jews, Eichmann and a few other officials were able to destroy the Hungarian community of half million Jews, in the Netherlands very few Jews came back from the camps.

It is hard to prove, but probably Hitler was the tool of Europe’s own conscience and desire to rid herself of the Jews. Now the world is rallying behind the flag “Death to Israel”.

A few days ago, in the German town of Wuppertal, a court established that three German Palestinians who had torched a synagogue in July of 2014 did so to draw “attention to the Gaza conflict” and that attacking a synagogue 3,000 miles away from Israel was not anti-Semitism, but legitimate criticism for the actions of the Israeli Jews.

It is important to remind the democratic governments and their public opinions, primarily those in Europe, to fulfill their responsibilities toward the Jewish people, to be aware that Israel is our border. It is Israel’s government responsibility to shame those in the West who are trying to scape goat the Jews

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