Lech Lecha, Podcast 1 and 2

Parshat Lech Lecha, Podcast #2

Parshat (Torah  Portion) Lech Lecha РLearning from our forefather Abraham how to confront a confused and confusing world.

Lech Lecha, Podcast #2

Welcome, Podcast #1

An introduction to our new podcasts and a look at the correlations between the situation before the Yom Kippur War and the current situation.

Yom Kippur War and 2010, PodCast #1

Please do not play on Shabbat

7 thoughts on “Lech Lecha, Podcast 1 and 2”

  1. Moshe, What a joy to my heart just to hear your voice again as it made my eyes to well up. This new feature is a great blessing to me personally & I know to all who will use it. May Hashem be praised & continue to use you & Dov

  2. Moshe, I, too, enjoyed hearing your voice and it reminded me of our chats in your shop in the Holy City. I “learned” from you this week as I do when I am there…I wish I were there….Shabbat Shalom Vade

  3. Moshe,
    In May I visited Jerusalem and met you in the shop. I enjoyed your insights. I am very happy that these podcasts have started. They are already a great blessing to me. Toda

  4. Somehow I unsubscribed and did not intend to so I am back on I hope. I look forward to hearing more of you thoughts and messages…Vade…PS Janet sends her warm regards also.

  5. Shalom Moshe, really enjoyed connecting with you and Dov again in the shop this Tishrei. Still trying to find insights on myrhh. I am very glad to finally be able to receive your e-mails and now to listen to your podcasts. May G-D continue to bless you as you stand in the gap between Orthodox Jews and Christians. By the way, I am neither. I like Avraham, heard the voice of G-D, obeyed, went forth and crossed over.

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