Despite Terrorism and Iran – the Left Could Win

Gil Ronen, A7 Staff

Less than six days before the polls open on Election Day, there is a palpable concern in nationalist circles – and real hope in some leftist ones – that the Left could topple Likud from government and take its place.

Some polls give the Labor-Hatnua ticket under Yitzhak Herzog and Tzipi Livni an edge over Likud, and there is talk of a coalition that would enjoy external support from the United Arab Party.

Leftists hope that at the last minute, many undecided voters will opt for Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu and for Yesh Atid, which is doing unexpectedly well in the polls; that Eli Yishai’s Yachad-Ha’am Itanu will fail to pass the threshold, and that Kulanu, Yesh Atid and Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu will form a bloc and support Herzog as prime minister, or force Netanyahu into a unity government with Herzog.

Shas, too, is seen as joining a leftist government, thus turning its back on a voter base that, like Kulanu’s, is mostly right wing.

Should Likud drop to less than 20 MKs, some analysts say, the chances that President Reuven Rivlin will task Binyamin Netanyahu with forming the government will be slim.

This is a remarkable electoral situation, given the fact that the younger generation of voters grew up under the horrific terror attacks of 2000-2005. This generation suffered repeated deadly campaigns of missile attacks that targeted all of Israel, and which were launched from areas Israel vacated in Lebanon and Gaza. It has lived under constant existential threat from Iran, an extremist Islamic country that is developing nuclear weapons with the aim of annihilating it, and it has seen the obvious failure of attempts at diplomatic compromise with the Palestinian Authority.

Even given the fact that most scenarios envisioning a leftist victory March 17 are not feasible, the fact that this generation could still be likely to elect a defeatist government that believes in giving up yet more territory to the enemy, and that would have to lean on the support of unabashed enemy sympathizers like MKs Ahmed Tibi and Hanin Zoabi – is the true mystery in this election.

To an outside observer looking in, it would appear reasonable for the Jewish electorate to give Likud 40 or 50 MKs, to grant the Jewish Home 20-30 MKs, and for the nationalist-religious bloc to enjoy a 100-MK majority, with the remaining 20 seats going to the Arab MKs and a loopy leftist fringe.

And yet, the elections are close.

This reality is testament to the deadly efficacy of highly sophisticated leftist techniques of mass brainwashing, intimidation and divide-and-rule tactics, which have created a defeatist and confused atmosphere among Jewish voters.

Working over decades from power bases in academia and assisted by neo-Marxist techniques of subversion that enjoy unfettered funding from abroad, the Left has succeeded, in large part, in creating a false consciousness – to use a Marxist term – among Israelis.

ISIS or gay ‘marriage’?

Even as ISIS and Hamas – which crucify and behead homosexuals, and throw them off of rooftops – pant at Israel’s borders, a large part of the Israeli electorate will base its vote on whether or not a party agrees to widen the meaning of the word “marriage” to include a union between homosexuals. To this end, they are willing to elect a government that would appease the murderous Islamists inside Israel and outside it – as long as it raises high the multicolored “gay flag”.

The United Arab Party includes a bigamist MK, and its leader, although a communist, studiously refuses to say anything about homosexual rights – in the knowledge that the Arab public treats homosexuals with violent contempt. Yet a large chunk of the Israeli electorate is considering voting for parties that would lean on this Arab party for their coalition – because they see the Jewish Home as misogynistic and “homophobic.”

The Left has successfully confused Israelis, robbing them of the most basic values of family, nationality and the Ten Commandments, and rallying them under new flags and contrary allegiances.

Homosexuals and those who sympathize with them are expected to vote for “gay-friendly” parties.

Women rally around the “gender” flag and are expected to prefer Tzipi Livni because she will supposedly take care of them as women, separately from their families. A never-ending campaign around slogans like “women’s exclusion,” “the gender wage gap,” “violence against women,” “sexual harassment” and other issues that our life supposedly revolves around have completely changed the nation’s perception of political reality, and the electoral agenda. Attempts to point out that these campaigns are all based on deceptive pseudo-academic statistics are all shouted down. Even nationalist news media have swallowed the “new” agendas, hook line and sinker.

Everyone is supposed to unite against Netanyahu, because his wife Sara is apparently not perfect. Everyone is to unite against Naftali Bennett, because his party is “homophobic.” Iran is not a real threat – it is imaginary. The rampant Arab knife, firebomb, rock and car terrorism that surrounds us is not real; “price tag” spray paint assaults are the real terrorism. The right wing is just scaring us with talk about war – there is no real threat. This is the false consciousness that many of our beleaguered and benighted brothers and sisters labor under. And this is why, in the second week of March, 2015, the nationalists still have to fight to convince their brothers and sisters of the most basic facts of life and survival.

The first step in the war against the lies that have invaded the Israeli psyche will be for as many people as possible to shake off the lethargy and despondence, take a short hike to the polling booth on March 17, and vote for any of the parties whose agendas are still sane. Voting, too, can be an act of healing.

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