Israel is stronger than assassins

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From Giulio Meotti

Israel is right and Israel’s citizens are courageous enough to stand up for that.

This month of terrorism left 10 Israelis murdered and 127 wounded. Stabbing attacks, shootings and car rammings have also been able to hit Israel’s economy, expecially in Jerusalem.
It is nothing compared to the Second Intifada’s carnage, but it has been enough to reveal the two most important dynamics of anti-Semitism: the Palestinian Arabs are pathologically devoted to slaughtering the Jews and the Western world rolls over on its other side while the Israelis are terrorized again in their buses and streets.

But the new wave of terror also shows that Israel is stronger than assassins. That it will remain steadfast, because the Jews are right, the land is theirs and they have no other country.

Terrorists are being overwhelmed and neutralized by ordinary citizens. These are Israel’s human shields…

It was amazing to see that Israel’s most important response to this wave of terrorism was not only the IDF: the terrorists were overwhelmed and neutralized by ordinary citizens. These are Israel’s human shields, so different from the ones that Hamas used to the detriment of the Palestinian population during the wars in Gaza.

These ordinary civilians are like the reservists who leave their businesses and families to serve in the IDF. In civilian life they are lawyers, doctors, professionists; then they are paratroopers. When Israel calls, they throw some underwear into a bag, grab their sleeping bags, and go by bus, by motorcycle, by hitchhiking or by car with the child safety seats still inside. They reassure their wives. They don’t think about death.

We have seen these same images during this “Third Intifada”. Waiters and students who have literally pulled knifes and guns out of the hands of the terrorists. They are the heroes of an Israel that has fought against death and in the end, won.
The Egged bus company has never received transfer requests from drivers on “dangerous routes”. This human wall of Israelis, formed by silent and humble heroes, has stopped terror from taking control of everything and everyone, body and soul.

Life is stronger than death. Israel is stronger than assassins and haters. Israel gives a lesson to the dormant West.

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