peace process

Yom Kippur War

Re-Experiencing the Challanges

The Ba’al Shem Tov  the founder of modern day Hassidism said “Forgetting is the beginning of Exile; Remembering is the beginning of Redemption.”

Yom Kippur WarPresident Shimon Peres said in an interview with David Hume (2000) the following chilling words, “You know, they say the Jewish people have a long memory. What we need is a rich imagination today, because the things that are going to happen-or did happen already-are so revolutionary that the past becomes pale-irrelevant.” We are living in a world that glorifies the present and denies its responsibilities of the past. As a result we continue to get mired in the same erroneous conceptions and mistakes that have plagued us for generations. This is because destiny and time do not run in linear fashion but rather as a cyclical spiral ascending to its climax. Yet as the spiral ascends the same challenges reoccur and the same points of decision reappear. It is at those junctures that responsible and destiny driven decisions must be made or else the same mistakes will reoccur.

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Nazi Salute

The Specter of Palestine

Nazi Salute

Last week another chapter of Israeli-Palestinian “peace talks” began. It hasn’t gone very far yet, and it still could all break down. But for those who see a sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza as an intolerable security threat to Israel, it’s enough to induce unease.

Imagine cutting two chunks out of New Jersey, adding up to almost one-fourth of its land mass, and setting up a deeply hostile statelet in them with a population nurtured in hatred for generations. Rocket firings, sniper fire, and terror incursions are some of the problems that spring to mind. Not to mention—particularly since this “New Jersey” is in the Middle East—alliances with enemy countries, which could include inviting such countries’ armies into its territory. Collusions involving sabotage or even WMD attacks are not at all far-fetched.

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Obama and Bibi

Withstanding Presidential Pressure

Yoram Ettinger, “Second Thought”
YnetNews, September 4, 2010

Obama and BibiIsrael’s support among Americans is as robust as always, expected to be reinforced following the midterm November, 2010 election.
Anyone claiming that Israel’s Prime Minister cannot endure US presidential pressure – and therefore must accept sweeping concessions – is either dramatically mistaken, outrageously misleading or attempting to justify inability to endure pressure.

In August 2010, Israel was ranked by “The Rusmussen Report” – for the second year in a row – as the third most favored ally of the USA (71%), following Canada and Britain, ahead of Germany, Japan, France and Mexico, significantly ahead of Egypt (42%) and Saudi Arabia (21%).
In April 2010, “The Quinnipiac Institute” – often quoted by The New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN – documented public support of Obama’s national security policy, other than one issue: Israel!  By an overwhelming majority of 66%:19% Americans expect President Obama to further his support of Israel.

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