The Tears of Faith Necklace

King David writes in the Psalms:

” Thou has counted my wanderings; put Thou my tears into Thy bottle; are they not in Thy book?”( Psalms 56:9) .

Tears of Faith NecklaceKing David is giving a powerful picture of faith and trust. Though life may bring about tears and though our jouney may involve countless wanderings, G-d takes note of them all.  He gathers them and is faithful to heal, reward and refill with joy the cracked vessels.

You can find this necklace in our Biblical Shop under Biblical Jewelry.

25 thoughts on “The Tears of Faith Necklace”

  1. I was wanting to purchase three of these necklaces for three young women who just lost their mother to cancer. Would you be willing to offer a discounted price for three?

    Shalom u’vrachot,


  2. Shalom Moshe,
    I have not been able to come “HOME” to Israel since 2007. Our church group (Pastor Philip Holman) from Richmond, KY USA will be there in November. We are unable to come this time but know that in the future we will.
    I have the necklace and earrings and treasure them. One friend had blessed me with the earrings and another blessed me the next year with the necklace. At the times that I received these I truly was dealing with some heart break …… Thanks to answered prayers, this cracked vessel (my heart) has been healed and is now filled with Joy!
    I hope you remember who I am, as we always come to your shop. You did a teaching for our group a few years back. It is my favorite shop to visit.

    Judy Baker

  3. Dear Moshe;

    I will be completing one of the things on my “bucket list”, and, a life long dream and that is to visit Eretz Y’srael. I will be coming on a tour with Joseph Good from HaTikvah Ministries.
    I have known of you from years ago from an article you wrote which was published in the Bridges for Peace magazine and, I so appreciated that article.

    I am looking forward to shopping @ your shop and introducing myself to you.

    Blessings upon you and yours


  4. How much does the Tears of Faith necklace cost in American dollars?

    Hopefully, I will be able to return to your shop in May of 2012 with Wink Thompson’s group.

    Mary Stone

  5. Moshe,
    Where else in the Torah does it talk about tears?
    I had once heard that God collects the tears of a wife. Is that true?
    Just wonder if it states that specific.

  6. Shalom Renee.
    Great to hear from you..please send my best to your husband

    as to your question
    the issue of G-d hearing the tears of a women is talmudically sourced

    From tractate Bava Metzi’a 59a

    Rav said: One should always be heedful of wronging his wife, for since her tears are frequent she is quickly hurt. R. Eleazar said:11 Since the destruction of the Temple, the gates of prayer are locked, for it is written, Also when I cry out, he shutteth out my prayer. Yet though the gates of prayer are locked, the gates of tears are not, for it is written, Hear my prayer, O HaShem and give ear unto my cry; hold not thy peace at my tears.

    the corollary is that G-d hears her tears

    But the main verse relating to Hashem remembering all of our trials tears and wanderings is psalm 56:8
    You have kept a record of my wanderings. Put my tears in your bottle. They are already in your book.

  7. Shalom Moshe,

    I have been to Jerusalem 4 times and the last time was in 2003. I don’t recall that I ever visited Shorashim Bookshop. Tour-groups not always take you to all the interesting little shop.
    Well, this year (from 19 of March till 11th of April) me and 2 other ladies will be visiting. One of them, Yolanda Stofberg brought me your book “The Teacher and the Preacher” ……how very, very inspiring and I do hope to see you when we (most deffinitely) visit your shop this time!
    I would like to get myself one of the “tears-neglaces”.

  8. I bought this beautiful necklace while visiting your shop at a visit to Jerusalem in 2005. I love it! It is very nice and reminds me of His faithfulness to carry my hurts and tears.

  9. I would like to see some more of your jewelry and interested in Tears of Faith Necklace. I need to know how much it costs.

  10. Dear Moshe, me and 3 friends from South Africa are visiting Israel at the end of September 2012 for the second time. I have read about your store in Marzanne Le Roux-Van der Boon’s books published in South Africa and can’t wait to meet you.
    we are going to stay in Jerusalem for 5 days from 28 Sept -2 oct at the YMCA 3 Arches Hotel.

    Your shop is on our list of places to visit and I am sure we will trample your doorstep more than once during our stay.
    We spesifically want to buy Bible jewelry like the teardrop neclace and earings pendants rings and our names in Hebrew.

    Our first day in Jerusalem will end with the Holy Sabbath at sundown. Do you perhaps no of any one who is willing to host us (4 ladies) for this traditional Sabbath Supper that evening? We want to experience and be part of this wonderful celebration welcoming the Bride of Sabbath.

    We are counting the days !
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  11. Your visit to Yerushalayim will surely be impacting in these great and awesome days of the chagim…when you arrive in jerusalem and come to the wall there is a family called MACHLIS who invite people at the wall for shabbat dinner

  12. Hello, My name is Nina and I had the pleasure of having a private meeting with our small tour group in your store. It was in 2008 and our tour guide was Jewish, I cannot remember his name. We were a black Christian group from different churches that traveled together to go to Israel, perhaps you might remember us. At any rate, I purchased some things from your store, one of which was a beautiful necklace, I gave it to my daughter, but it broke. I wanted to purchase another one from you, but the website on your bag that I kept connected me to an Asian website. I doubled checked the spelling and it appears that I put in the correct web address. Therefore I decided to look you up on Google by your store name, Shorashim. I have been on your website before, I think in 2009 and I was able to view your jewelry, but this time, I do not see where I can find your jewelry on your website (i do remember putting in the same website, but now it appears to have changed). Can you help me out, I would love to purchase some more things from your store. God bless. Shalom! Nina

  13. Moshe,

    I was in Jerusalem March 4th through 17th, 2013, Jack Beck from JUC brought our group to your shop. I wanted to thank you for your hospitality and teachings. You are a Blessing from God!

    Thank you again,

  14. We have been in your shop several times when we have visited Israel. You specially ordered my husbands wedding ring a few years ago. I am in Odessa Texas and am in search of a Menorah pendant for my necklace. Preferably silver. Would you be able to send me any pictures you may have along with prices?
    Thank you so much,
    Kim Serrano

  15. Hello Moshe,

    Thank you for sharing your truths and teaching. Thank you for sharing your joy, your peace, I visited your shop in October/November with Ian and Mandy Worby’s UCB tour. Just to be in your store, and experience the graciousness and generosity of you and your wife was humbling. I do so enjoy your teachings etc, and thank you for enlightening my Christian faith as to the true meanings of what is to me the Old Testament. My ignorance is a little lessened, may G.d continue to bless you and keep you as the apple of His eye.

    Hugs Kree

  16. Hi Moshe my name is Sandra from California, just wanted to say that I love u and all the Jewish people very very much God has placed a love for Jerusalem and the Jewish people ever since I became a Christian/believer in Messiah and I just wanted to say thank u because I believe if it wasn’t for the Jewish people us Christians would not have the book of covenants/the Holy Bible or the way I like to see it and say it God’s Love letter to His Beloved Children…anyway i saw u on the program Jewish jewels and noticed your website and just loved your message in being a bridge for all nations amen keep up the good work and Word God has blessed your heart with and hope to hear from u Shalom to u Moshe and all u love God Bless!!

  17. I came to Israel with my church this September. My Pastor and his wife are friends of Moshe Kempinski the owner of this shop and they brought us here to meet Moshe. I love this man
    This necklace, Tears of Faith, is the first piece of jewelry I laid eyes on and, very wise man.
    The first thing I saw in this wonderful shop was this necklace. I immediately was brought to tears and knew it was meant for me.
    I hope the door opens for me again to visit Israel and come to visit Moshe and his shop.

  18. On Oct. 26, 2014, while on tour in Israel, Jerusalem, at that point, I happened to come into your shop. The art and books attracted me. It was such a wonderful find! Unfortunately I did not have much time to browse because I needed to rejoin my tour group, but I did buy a couple of good books and also, write my name on your listing for e-mail weekly connections. This is my first one to receive. I thank you very much and look forward to future communications. Blessings and peace to you and yours,
    Jane M. Reston, VA USA

  19. Dear Mr. Kempinski
    Thank you for continuing to keep my name on your list of communications. I still read & listen to the columns & the verbal Torah studies each time they are posted, re-reading & re-playing them to be sure that I have completely absorbed the content therein. Also thank you again for the wonderful purchases that I have made since my Oct. visit.
    You truly are very special people with an amazing, faithful ministry. I know how fortunate I was to happen upon your shop that day last October.
    Blessings to you all, Jane Mazzola

  20. I was in your wonderful shop in May where I was inspired to purchase a “Tree of Life” necklace for my daughter. There was no card with an explanation about its meaning enclosed. Would you be so kind as to forward this?
    Thank you for your generous spirits in sharing from from your hearts from Hashem’s bounty of blessings!
    Shalom, Carole

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