Simple Truths

Why are the nations in an uproar? And why do the peoples mutter in vain? The kings of the earth stand up, and the rulers take counsel together, against HaShem , and against His anointed:(Psalm 2:1-2)

When the hordes gather around Israel to attack with words and deeds, the only trustworthy weapon is simple truth. It is true that untainted facts can not always pierce the darkness that has seemed to envelop the world by truth needs to be stated and affirmed. Those that have been lying in waiting to pounce on the nation of Israel waited patiently until the flotilla of “Peace” achieved its purpose. That purpose was to of evoke a powerful defensive response that could then be turned around as a weapon and a narrative of hate.

Growing up in the late sixties I remember being fascinated by the Maoist ideology of the extreme left. In their understanding, the power of terrorism lay in the fact that it provokes and evokes a strong and swift response that will then convert the masses to the ideology of the terrorist. This flotilla of “peace” was the perfect tool of liberation terror tactics.

It would be prudent to just review five simple facts regarding this flotilla.

  1. Under International law, a country is permitted to invoke a sea blockade even outside its territorial waters as an antidote to terrorism , weapon smuggling or drug dealing. Israel was very concerned and is still concerned about the endless flow of Iranian and Syrian armaments flowing into the Gaza strip .These are the exact weapons used consistently against Israel’s civilian population. In addition to the known terrorists who were on board and the suspected al-Qaeda members ,one of the passengers was the old former Greek-Catholic archbishop of Jerusalem Hillarion Capucci.This was a man who had smuggled weapons for the PLO from Lebanon to Israel in 1974. He was arrested, jailed, but released under pressure of the Vatican. (Pope Paul VI later said his time in prison had been endured “for peace and reconciliation among the peoples of the Middle East).
  2. Under International law that country must make public such a blockade and offer alternate solutions for the sea traffic. Israel made clear its intentions regarding the blockade and attempted for months to have the “humanitarian aid” brought into Gaza through another port. Several western countries, including the US and England assert that a maritime blockade is an effective and legal naval measure as long as due notice is given of the existence of the blockade. The final such offer and due notice was made by the Israelis just prior to the stopping of the incoming armada. ( )
  3. Israel armed its fighters with paint-guns, and gave specific orders to all troops not to open fire with their pistols unless their lives were in danger. In fact, the beleagured soldiers refrained from shooting back until some of their comrades were already being lynched, shot at, firebombed and stabbed.
  4. Israel has been providing some 15,000 tons of food and medicines to Gaza throughout, via recognized international aid organizations. There is no hunger or other humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
  5. The Israeli soldiers sliding down ropes expected the same loud and raucous reception that they had experienced in stopping previous such attempts at breaking the “Weapons Blockade”. Instead they were met with well organized mob divided into groups of about four or five attacking each soldier with knifes, iron clubs and chairs. The beating that was viewed on the videos provided by Al Jazeera TV, the IDF and other sources was brutal and merciless.
  6. On Tuesday (June 1), it was disclosed that approximately 40 people on the upper deck of the ship with no identification wearing bullet proof vests and using weapons against the IDF soldiers are considered to be mercenaries of the al-Qaeda terror organization. It seems that while the civilian protestors were sent to the lower deck of the ship, these groups of mercenaries were organized into organized cells on the upper deck of one boat, the Mavi Marmara [the lead ship of the flotilla]. in order to combat the IDF soldiers.

These are the facts. The world though will continue in their fashion. Yet we must continue to walk a journey that is guided by a different melody.  As the psalm continues;

“Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.’He that sitteth in heaven laugheth, HaShem hath them in derision. Then will He speak unto them in His wrath, and affright them in His sore displeasure. ‘Truly it is I that have established My king upon Zion, My holy mountain.” ( Psalms 2:3-6)


2 thoughts on “Simple Truths”

  1. Greetings Moshe,
    I have been priviledged to be in your shop on a few occasions, and have some lovely art work from it in my home. I have worked for Bridges for Peace in Jerusalem, as a volunteer. I just want to assure you that here in New Zealand there is a group of us called “Kiwis for Balanced Reporting on the M.E.” the action group I am part of is comprised of Jewish and Christian folk. We have a website We monitor the newspapers in N.Z. plus any tv programmes, and do our best to hold them to account for any misleading, untruthful, reporting.
    The flotilla reporting gave us all plenty of ammunition, and many letters were written. Israel has friends here in New Zealand,we are standing with you ALL THE WAY.
    May Hashem bless your endeavours,
    Shalom, Jan Robb.

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